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The organisation carries out analysis and material characterisation activities both at our main research centre and on-site through the use of our mobile laboratory.
Research activity is particularly focused on the pressing need for conservation and protection and the demands arising not only from consumers but also figures within commerce and production for the identification of synthetic, gemmological and ornamental materials. On top of such requirements there exists the possibility of interventions aimed at upgrading or restoration which may be revealed only through specialised advanced diagnostic techniques which have been developed thanks to our regular materials research.
With this in mind, it should be underlined that the activities of the organisation benefit from the use of the fixed instrumentation and equipment at the Department of Mineralogy which are able to offer:

• Spectroscopy, NIR-FT/IR
• Scanning Electron Microscopy – SEM-EDS
• Transmission Electron Microscopy - TEM
• XR Diffraction and single crystal
• XR Fluorescence
• XR Topography

as well as mobile instrumentation, which allow for non-invasive and non-destructive analysis, the following techniques are available:

• Stereomicroscopy and microphotography (180x)
• Spectroscopy µ-Raman
• XR Fluorescence
• XR Diffraction and single crystal
• UV Fluorescence (OC-OL
• Colorimetry (spectrophotometer- VIS)

The spin-off aims at providing maximum space to the development of research which encourages conservation and restoration activities in the sphere of cultural heritage, working closely alongside local policy makers and authorities.

Research is also carried out on pathologies associated with the intrinsic characteristics of gemstones and metals.


ARCOGEM S.r.l. - Advanced Research and Characterization of Ornamental and GEmmological Materials - info@arcogem.it